Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 minutes to blog

- i'm almost ready for the Olympics to be over.  my emotions are about spilled out everywhere.  and so is my eye make-up.

- dang the Today show and their human interest stories at 8am.

- Everett is the best cuddler.  I am one blessed mama to receive the sweetest cuddles, "hug me"s, "please stay"s, and the cutest giggles when we play the game of whispering things in each other's ears and then guessing what the other person said.  Last night he said "do'holes" (donut holes), but I thought he said "feet" -- an eruption of laughter from him that was priceless.  It's our new little mama/son game.  I love it.

- Embarking on month 5 of trying.  I just keep hearing the Lord tell me to cherish the moments with Everett, be in them wholeheartedly and remember that "he is enough."  If I only am blessed with one baby -- that Everett is enough.  (Sucker punch.)

- I hate pregnancy tests.

- I am heading to the River Oaks Goodwill today.  I'm excited. 

- I found sandals at Loft the other day for $4.88.  Don't hate.

- Matt has been making me laugh a lot lately.  Our marrige is in such a good place -- want to savor that.  Laughter helps, for sure.  The man is straight up hilarious.  I'm blessed.

- My arms are sore.  Killed them in class yesterday.  Had a girl tell me I was trying to kill her.  Me too, honey, me too.

- We're getting pictures taken in a couple weeks.  In August.  We must be insane.  I'm already trying to figure out how to keep my hair from fro'ing up crazy and my face from running.  Would I be such a diva if I got my hair and make-up done that day?  I have yet to figure out using the flat-iron to create those pretty curls.